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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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. it is friday december 11th. coming up on "early today," breaking overnight, four killed in a medical helicopter crash. new details ahead. and the latest in the trump show as the rnc reprepares for a convention battle. and the latest on where the donald stands. >> fbi divers are searching a like for new clues in the san bernardino terror investigation. and janis joplin's psychedelic sporgs sells for record at auction. porsche. and a must see will ferrell in a onesie. "early today" starts now. >> i'm alex witt, the seemingly unshakable rise of trump marches on. his popularity exploding in a
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new national poll. doubling second place ted cruz. his lead is widening despite this figure. almost 6 in 10 americans oppose his proposal with only 25% supporting it. but among republicans, support for the ban outnumbers the opposition 42-36. still his rivals are on the attack. last night hillary clinton said she does not find donald trump funny anymore. >> but now he has gone way over the line. and what he's saying now is not only shameful and wrong. it is dangerous. >> even ben carson is getting in on the action. donald trump may be afraid of muslims but he needs to face that fear. and just hours ago after being endorsed by the key new england police union, another bold proposition, a very strict executive action. >> anybody killing a police
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offir, death penalty is gonna happen. okay? we can't let this go. >> but there could be trouble on the horizon. early signs of a fracture in the unofficial cease fire between trump and the fast-rising ted cruz. and tracy potts is in washington with a good morning to you. could that -- between trump and cruz be over. >> trump is certainly looking over his numbers. many considering cruz the antitrump t republican alternative to donald trump. what we know is that even though he's got a lot of critics, he seems to be defying the odds. when you look at the numbers, his support is growing. >> as signs declaring him a racist go up at his d.c. hotel and rivals urge him to leave the party, our new poll shows 77% of republicans like trump's style. >> people are saying, you know, trump is right. >> but more than half of
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americans think his plan to ban muslims is wrong. >> the front running candidate is not a serious man. >> he canceled his trip to israel amid criticism. >> most are relieved he reconsidered. >> a cbs "new york times" poll gives trump more than double the support of cruz. >> who has the right adjustment. >> but can he win? >> i believe the republican nominee is going to be someone who can win the general election. and i don't believe donald can. last night he got a new endorsement and rolled out a new idea. >> anybody killing police officer, death penalty is gonna happen. okay? we can't let this go. >> donald trump gaining popularity with ideas most voters oppose. >> so big picture, what we're learning from all of these numbers from these polls is that a lot of people like the issues trump is bringing up. not everyone is turned off by his brash style alex. but there is still a split even among republicans when it comes to his solution to those issues.
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>> i don't know. i'm still having trouble reconciling the numbers. and as the u.s. comes to grips with donald trump's plans, a different approach from our friends up north. hours ago a canadian military plane carrying 163 syrian refugees arrived in toronto. prime minister trudeau was there to greet them. he plans to resettle 25 thousand syrian refugees by the end of february. >> the u.s. led air strikes against isis have taken out the terror group's finance minister. a spokesman says recent strikes killed abu salah, who is described as one of the most experienced members in the group's financial network. a senior member responsible for the extortion activities and another senior leader were also killed in recent weeks. this as a "new york times" poll says americans are more fearful of the likelihood of another
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terrorist attack. with 44% of americans thinking an attack is very likely in the next few months. >> meanwhile officials are continuing their investigation into the san bernardino shooters. and now new leads have pointed investigators to a like only a few miles from where the mass shooting happened. the fbi has deployed dive teams to search for possible new evidence. >> reporter: the fbi sent divers to search a lake three miles from where the shooting took place. authorities said it was related to the investigation but declined to say how. >> we're seeking evidence of anything that had to do with this particular crime. >> in the meantime investigators continue to question syed farook's friend enrique marquez. he's speaking freely to the fbi after going on a drinking binge following the massacre and now feels remorse. police say he bought the two assault rifles ended up used in the shooting.
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he has not been arrested or charged. investigators say he told them farook discussed staging an attack in l.a. in 2012. possibly at the university or a big public gathering but got got cold feet. authorities are looking at whether farook new one of the men from afghanistan. marquez and farook once lived next door to each other and were close friends. and farook's brother also named syed is married to a ukrainian woman who's sister is married to marquez. officials tell nbc news they are looking at whether that marriage was a sham. a favor marquez did for farook. marquez's mother told nbc news she didn't know her son was married either. all she wants to say is her son was quote a great kid. >> for more than six years now
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it's been a mystery. why did sergeant bowe bergdahl leave his post in 2009 and end up as the longest held american pow since the vietnam war. we finally got an answer from "serial" and bergdahl who made a surprise appearance himself. >> breaking his silence. for years he was america's only prisoner of war after walking off his remote post in afghanistan in the middle of the night. >> 20 minutes out i'm going good grief i'm in over my head. suddenly this sinks in i really did something bad. >> his first person account is featured in the new somebody of serial. bergdahl insists he wanted to warn commanders about leadership problems before quickly concocting a new plan, casting himself as a super soldier. >> i was trying to prove to the world i am, i don't know like
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jason bourn. >> but critics say bergdahl was a trader. burg dahl speaking with film maker mark bold, the man behind hollywood hits. >> the more information people have about sergeant bergdahl, his motivation, the better. >> 19 months after his release and the white house ceremony with his parents, the obama administration blind sided law makes were the the prisoner swap. >> intentionally violated the law by not informing congress and misleading congress about these negotiations. >> reporter: to this day bergdahl is haunted by his years in captivity. >> there are times i wake up and it's so dark like i would wake up not even remembering whether i was. >> sergeant bergdahl is still an active duty soldier in san
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antonio. if court martialed he could face life in prison. >> first lady michelle obama is a woman of many accomplishments and now she canned a rapper to her resume. ♪ ♪ south side chicago ♪ >> yep, that's the first lady. pretty good really. well of course jay ferrell does amazing impression of her ad. it's a video encouraging kids to go to college. and part of the reach higher initiative. a dramatic light storm in sydney australia. the spectacular show. look at that. >> fireworks. >> lasted a few minutes but not before pelting the city with hail stones.
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>> that is time lapse of course. make sure we tell everybody that is not real time. >> what's going on out there? >> amazing waves today. a lot of people are going to go to the coast. they want to see them in california. one of the largest wave events we've had this winter season and probably in a while. we're expecting 15, maybe 17 foot in the beaches of l.a. and san francisco. so that is like north shore hawaii type surfing. experts only. they are telling everyone stay out of the water. and that is all because of our parade of storms and that constant flow coming out of west into the beach there is over the last week or so. so the latest storm system, the big huge one. spun back around here. now we're still watching the rain and snow in the higher terrain. difficult drive this morning towards yosemite. and quick moving showers san francisco, fresno and near san jose. to the north one more batch of rain will be coming on shore. the weekend forecast, today is
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probably the worst in areas of the northern rockies. by the time we get into saturday's forecast we'll be watching leftover moisture and a new system coming in. that lingers into areas of southern washington state and portland you could get a burst of rain. central california not too bad. active weather pretty much all weekend. >> thanks for heads up, bill. >> connecticut cracks down on gun control in the way congress refuses. and the iconic psychedelic porsche that belonged to janis joplin just sold at auction for a record price.
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four confirmed dead. a certainly last night after ground control lost contact with the chopper. a fire department official stated it went down in dense fog. >> governor malloy announced bans from gun sales yesterday. governor malloy will be the first to sign an executive order of this kind. and former oklahoma city police officer was found guilty by a jury, convicted on 18 counts of sexual assault, rape and other offenses. the jury recommended a total of 263 years in prison, served consecutively. sentencing is set for january 21st.
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>> and search crews found a body believed to be michael's about five miles from his car. crystal cavallari posted a picture, you have such a good heart and will be forever missed. and let's get down to business now with landened dowdy. >> janis joplin once singing about wanting somebody to buy her a mercedes benz. but this 1963 porsche was already in her driveway. it sold for $1.6 million at auction on thursday. the car has been on display for 20 years at the rock and roll hall of fame museum. a rare baseball card hits a home run on the auction block. this rookie card running for $525 thousand on thursday. a record for a mantle rookie.
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and ford is moving full speed ahead on a new strategy. investing 4.5 billion on electric and hybrid cars by 2020. the automaker plans to launch a new electric version of the ford focus next year that has a 100 mile range and can recharge in about 30 minutes. >> just ahead their ticket is punched. the cardinals are headed to the playoffs. and things get chippy in chicago. was this intentional?
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this morning on today, that photo of a mountain of gifts piled up under the christmas tree is going viral on social media. has people wondering how much is too much when it comes to the holiday. that is too much right there. in sports, to phoenix. vikings adrian peterson takes this for a nifty and oh so shifty wiggle as he gets his 100th touchdown. and then here palmer connects with floyd to score on this 42 yard pass play. and later from the shotgun in the fourth to tie the game. and with just over a minute to play the cards chandler cankick
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this for the win. >> and here make griffin goes for the clock. the refs called it a automatic ejection for griffin. proved costly. bulls win 83-80 at home. in college hoops, iowa state needed a huge rally to beat unranked iowa who led most of the game. final score 83-82 as state remains unbeaten. just ahead a case of mistaken identity by the golden globes. and will ferrell and bill eichner roam the streets of new york in their christmas jammies.
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so a wee bit of confusion in the golden globes yesterday. the official account showed a video of actress michaela ferreira twice at the show but here is the problem. it called her gina rodriguez. and will ferrell quizzing on christmas movies on the street. >> who's the best in the movie "elf." >> i guess i would say the elf. >> what's his name. >> buddy. >> what's his real name.
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>> you've never seen elf? >> i'm right here. >> jon stewart channelling donald trump on the late show. hair and all. he wants -- for the 911 first responders. >> these 9/11 first responders. let me tell you something. hey, these 9/11 first responders are the most topnotch first class diamond encrusted heros american can produce. don't let -- play politics with this unnecessary bill. if i'm elected -- and i will be elected -- i will build a wall around politics. and i will make politics pay for it. >> that orange stuff on his face, chi toe dust, just for color.
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leading the news in usa today, ux sa's three biggest airlines now ban hover boards. american delta and united all announce they will no locker allow hover boards on their planes. a spokesman said from united it was in the interest of safety for the customers and employees. others will also stop selling the devices due to safety concerns. and leading the news in the detroit free press. christmas full moon rises for the first time this century. anyone younger than 38 this is the first time to see the full moon yourself on the holiday. the last time a full moon was seen on christmas was 1977 and the next will occur in 2054.
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>> officially raised alerts in geneva switzerland. police are searching for several suspects allegedly linked to isis and believed to be plotting a specific attack. senior u.s. counterterrorism officials tell nbc news swiss authorities were acting on a tip. >> and jared fogel has been sentenced to 27 years in prison. the head of his charitable foundation pled guilty to child porn. he admitted photographing young children in sexually explicit acts. he then shared those images with fogel. >> and a record 66 snakes from a baltimore apartment. most were sick and three had to be euthanized. an animal shelter is now trying to nurse the sick ones back to health.
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a new zealand aircraft company is literally jetting into the future. spectators were awed at the first reveal of the first km commercial jet pack in china. it had a gas fueled engine and can fly up to --. >> i'll buy one for you. how much it. >> a mill yaun. >> now three astronauts return to earth this morning. ending a nearly five month tour aboard the international space station. touchdown in kazakhstan scheduled for 8:12 eastern time. and happy birthday. keep it right here everyone for more news weather and sports. i'm alex witt.
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thanks for watching "early today." have a
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slick spots and pools of water all over your roads and bridges. a live look right now at the golden gate bridge as more rain swooping into the bay area this morning. and rescuers rush to save a life ending with losing their own. what we're learning about a medical helicopter that crashed on the ten-minute plight to a central valley hospital. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. wednesday continues into friday. we begin with the slick morning commute. this wave of storms finally passing through, but leaving behind some very wet roadways. mike is monitoring these conditions for us this morning. >> first, we want to go t


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